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Blues Travels Now An Affiliate For Tire Rack.

I became an affiliate for Tire Rack today. I have used there products for a few years now and I sure love’em. Their wheel and tire packages are unusual in that the wheels come road force balanced, using the best equipment in the world today. So, once you get your wheel/tire package from Tire Rack, you can just throw them on your vehicle and hit the road, because all the balancing was done at Tire Rack! Cool Eh?

Here is a banner to Tire Rack.

The Tire Rack - Performance Specialists


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New Car, Old Car-Saying Goodbye Is Hard

If you are new to this site, then you might not know that my favorite car will always be my R32. His name was Blue. I had the car for the last two years and I drove it everywhere the four winds could carry us. I had the time of my life with that R32, but sadly, because of the carelessness of a body shop and it’s refusal to own up to its responsibilities for damages done to that very car, coupled with some other troubles I had with the R32, I made the decision to get rid of it…..
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Well, Chit

My first real boo-boo on Blue took place today.

I got rear ended and the whole rear bumper will need to be replaced. At least no one was hurt and I was not at fault. The other driver was quite apologetic and admitted fault, so it appears that this will be a no brainer. We will see.

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Antiques, Antiques, Antiques and more Antiques

Antique Sale
Some interesting antiques will be sold by myself over the next several weeks. I have created an online entry that interested parties can use to view photographs, obtain prices, get contact information and so forth and so on. For more details, continue reading….
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Settling Down?…Well…maybe

After the federal government finally made up its everloving, skeevy-hearted, greedy thieving mind, and sent me the forms I needed to pay the government what it takes at gun point, I came to the conclusion that it was time to make a change. Photos will come soon, to more or less give you a visual to my journey/experience. Suffice it to say that I moved into an apartment and moved my stuff out of storage. It was an endeavor not without its toil and trials, and equal parts of both. But thanks to my brother and some manpower help from a friend, we were able to successfully complete the task. Whew…..more to come…

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This Is Interesting

testing, looking for reason and not finding it in the most usual places.
I wonder and I wander, inside a lost soul searching for water in an oasis of meaning.
I come up dry, a heap of my former self, not resembling anything I can recognize
unless its the stares of people who have long since abandoned me to myself.
And who am I? Who can possibly know the answer to that question if I do not know it
Save One.

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Boo Is All Bettuh! Airbag Fault and Tweetuh Fixed!

Well, getting my BooBlue fixed was an ordeal. But in true excellent fashion, Terry VW came through once again! I am so lucky to have access to the tech team and Terry.

As many of you will recall, Boo (Blue) developed a glitch in his brain that conveyed some false data, stating that the airbags had deployed. More than being a nuisance, this is dangerous. For if I were to have an accident, the airbags might likely fail to deploy at all. So this was a must fix.

In addition, another problem crept up this week. While vacuuming out Blue a few days ago, I noticed the music that was piping through the front speakers of the front doors sounded strange and uneven; louder on one side than the other. Upon further inspection, it became clear that the left front tweeter was not working, which naturally resulted in the lack of frequency balance. In fact, the tweeter may never have been working at all, even from the day the car was built! I just never noticed it before, because I had nothing to compare the stock sound to.
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Snow, My Tweeter Is Broke and Lynchburg Is The Same

Well, it is Wednesday. I am still here in Lynchburg as my parts (for Blue) did not arrive yet. It is OK though. It has been a nice time for reflection. I will meet Jay Roberts for breakfast today if all goes as planned. This is getting quite frustrating, but I am sure it will work out.

In the meantime, one more breakfast at Day Break. Yum!

By the way, one of Boo’s little tweeters is broken. Sheez! Thank goodness for warranties.

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Lynchburg, Virginia Wingate Inn Revisited

Slide Show Available
Never let it be said that I don’t give people second chances to make a first impression. Photos to come soon.

As most of you know, I have been traveling like crazy the last six months. Periodically, I have returned to the Lynchburg VA to take care of personal business. Such was the case this week.

As it turns out, I needed to get some work done on Blue, my ‘lil R32. Since I happened to be passing through the area I decided to stop off in Lynchburg VA to get Terry VW to do the work. Terry is the best VW dealership I have ever done business with (and if I have my way no one else will ever work on Blue, but Terry VW). Shameless plug? You bet!

Anyway, having stayed at several places in Lynchburg already, I decided to try the Days Inn on Candler’s Mountains Road. I have found the Days Inn to be a really good value. The hotel is rather old, but don’t let that fool you, as appearances can sometimes be deceiving. What I can tell you is that I have found Days Inn of Lynchburg to be a very comfortable place to stay, indeed. And while the rooms are far from posh, they’re really physically relaxing and it is easy to rest in them. All the rooms come with hi-speed internet access that is free. It is also wireless, which is cool. The wireless failed to work for me, though. Fortunately, all the rooms have Ethernet in them and so long as you have an Ethernet cable, you will surf at blazing speed!

While the rooms have certainly made my stay at the Days Inn nice, it was not the rooms that really interested me. Allow me to explain.
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Homeless, schmomeless! Just leave me alone!

OK, I admit that whenever I see a homeless person waving a big cardboard box sign in my face I get pissed off. It drives me crazy. I mean, why are they allowed to do this? Especially at busy intersections where accidents are more likely to happen than on any other stretch of road. Don’t these people realize that just by being there, they are likely to attract attention? Of course they realize that. And that is why they are there. Does it also occur to them that by just being there, and that by attracting the attention of drivers, that they are also distracting said drivers? Of course they do. Distraction is the stock and trade of any self respecting homeless person. Distraction is what they peddle.

But do they realize that by distracting drivers they could interupt the flow of traffic and cause accidents? I think they do, but I also think they don’t give a rats ass. So, when I saw a homeless person today that looked like Katheryn Zeta Jones, what do you think happened? I nearly crashed my car, that’s what nearly happened. And yes, that pissed me off even more.
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