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My More Tame Comment In Response to Mercer

For those interested, I posted a more tame comment to Ms. Mercers column on Job.

The text of my comment is found by clicking the link below.

My take on Ms. Mercers column regarding job is a bit different.

What interests me about her column is not so much her take on Job, but rather her take on the Bible.

Nowhere in her column does Ms. Mercer refer to the Bible as holy or divine. Nowhere does she revere it as Gods Word. Just as interesting is the fact that she refers only to the Old Testament, as though the New Testament does not exist. Maybe for her it doesn’t. Maybe for her the NT is merely an afterthought, a footnote with little or no relevance. She goes on to call the 39 books of the OT a “tradition”, and praises the old books for their historical accuracy and eloquence, but that’s as far as she goes with it.

I could go on, and in fact I do at my blog (for those that are interested), but I wonder just what Ms. Mercers thinks of the Bible in terms of it’s connection to the Divine? Perhaps that question and it’s answer were (are) not relevant to her column on Friday, being outside the scope of her take on the book of Job. Still, the question remains.

Does Ms. Mercer even believe in a personal God? Does she realize that the Bible is for mankind, and not just for Jews or just about Jews? Who does she think Jesus is? These are personal questions, the answers to which are really none of anyones business, but if Ms. Mercer is going to proudly and publicly proclaim her Jewish heritage with such fervency, then someone needs to remind her that being a Jew is a matter of the heart, more than it is a matter of ones heritage, thanks to Christ, the Saviour of the Mankind.

In closing, it is one thing to appreciate the Bible for it’s historical relevance and eloquence. It is another thing altogether to praise it as a living work, being alive and full of power. Similarly, it is one thing to proclaim ones Jewish heritage. It is another thing to proclaim the Living God.


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