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Clearly SOMETHING is happening out there which falls into one of two categories: faked bullshit or actual phenomena. The bullshit probably outweighs the genuine article by a ratio of 70%/ 30% (maybe that figure is even more lopsided, I dunno). The question is this: what is the genuine article telling us? And assuming that some of what we see happening (like my pic) is a byproduct of intelligence from some other time or place, then from where does it come?

Well, one answer comes complete with its own set of questions. What if these sightings are, for lack of a better way to put it, ET’s? Or, to put it another way, what if these craft are being piloted by little green men from other solar systems, light years away? Well, if that is the case then the larger question is what the hell are they up to? Are they here on a mission of benevolence or malevolence? Weighty questions, to be sure.

Of course, the other possibility is that the phenomena you and I are privvy to, while being the result of intelligence, is not from other planets all, but rather from another dimension. And if THAT is the case, then who are they and what the hell are they doing here? And are they here for good or for evil?

OK, let’s develop this idea a bit further.

I am a Christian. Among other things, this means that I believe we live in a fallen world. Few would argue that point. Just look around and take notes. The world is a rough, ugly place. Can we agree that “sin”, such as murder, rape, lying, vanity, pride, jealousy you name it, is one of the reasons humans are still riding around in 4-wheeled buggies, polluting the air we breath. Is sin the reason why we still have disease and famine? Sure it is.

Sin is the reason why we are still killing each other. It is why, in my view, we are still Earthly bound for all intents and purposes. At least, as far as interstellar space travel is concerned. In short, humanity is not progressing because of all of the things which tend to hold people back as individuals. I realize you may not agree, but I am trying to connect the dots of my theory about all of this.

So, for the sake of this discussion, if the above can be held as true, then why on Earth would a surpremely intelligent and advanced society want to have anything to do with us?? I mean, let’s face it, if you were living in an imaginary country that had never seen disease or famine, never had wars, was enlightened and trancendant, would you want some germ infested, primitive, war-like cave people coming into your country and spoiling your home? Moreover, would you want to go visit theirs? I doubt it. Such a choice would be suicide for your people and your advanced, civilized way of life. Look what happened in Eden.

What is my point? Well, if there are advanced civilizations outside our solar system, I doubt very much they would want to come here and get their hands dirty. And if they are as sinful as we are, then it’s unlikely they would be advanced enough to make interstellar space travel possible. More than likely they would be too busy waging war with each other, fighting famine and disease, etc. to worry about traveling to other solar systems. This, in my view, tends to rule out the little green man theory. So, I think what we are looking at is more of a dimensional phenomena. Can we say, “demons”, class?

Yup. As crazy as it may sound, I think that heaven and hell are on a collision course the likes of which will have a finality that will redefine the very word itself. It will bring about the end of all things and the beginning of a new dawn which will last for all eternity, with no end. This coming Apocalypse can only happen if the stage is set for it, however.

What if all these sightings are in fact part of a deception that ultimately results in the Final Conflict. What if fallen angels are exploiting the gullibility of humans in order to convince them that we are in need of saving, and that the only ones who can save us are extraterrestrials?? You have to agree, most of humanity would embrace the notion. We are in mortal peril as a people. As a world. Events are heading us in the direction if a cataclysmic war that could make this planet uninhabitable. And trust me, Satan does not want this. Nor does antichrist. He loves this place. It is his (their) home. They were cast down to this place from heaven, if we can believe the stories of old. It makes sense that satan will do whatever he can to preserve his home and his kingdom. What better way to do it than to “save” humanity from itself by convincing people that higher beings are coming here to help us?

It certainly is romantic and fantastic enough, don’t you think? And fallen angels and demons would never succeed in subduing humanity if they revealed themselves as they are. How many people do you know who would be happy to make friends with a demon? Just think “Exorcist”. That little kid in that movie gave me the creeps.

No, if I were a demon the last thing I would want is for someone to see me as I truly am. But there are lots of folks who would love to cosey up next to an ET, maybe even get their picture taken with one. Heheheh So, maybe demons are masquerading as extraterrestrials? I dunno. Just a theory.

In conclusion, are “UFO”s real? More than likely, yes. So, I would imagine, are about 1/3rd of the crop circles out there. And is it possible this is all part of a grand deception? Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading 😀


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