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Some Idea’s on Libertarianism, The Bible and Stuff

We live in very perilous times. I shake my head in wonderment when I read headlines any more. It’s getting to the point that I need to give myself a break, because the negativity I am exposed to every day is just starting to wear on me.

I often visit conservative web sites. Sites like World Net Daily, American Thinker, Debka File etc. are haunts of mine.

I don’t usually visit liberal web sites, mainly because all you have to do is listen to mainstream media and read Newsweek and the NY Times to get a sense of where liberal America is going. Besides, the left is quoted sufficiently at many of these sites I frequent. I also listen to conservative talk radio. I love Laura Ingraham, Rush, Bill O’Reilly, and Neil Boortz.

I also have my favorite authors and columnists. I will not list them here. There are simply too many. Suffice it to say that many of my favorite columnists can be found at the sites I visit. One such site is World Net Daily. WND has many contributors. Among them Joseph Farrah, David Kupelian, Larry Elder, Melanie Morgan, Pat Buchanan, Hal Linsay, Judge Roy Moore just to mention a few.

One of WND’s contributors is Illana Mercer. I was intruduced to her writings many years ago via WND. I initially enjoyed her columns, but the more I read the more I found myself at odds with her either because of her writing style, her politics, or both. I actually sent her a few letters several years ago, which led to some backing and forthing over the course of a day or two.

If I recall correctly, I basically had taken issue with, what else, her anti-Bush, anti-American stance. This woman hates America, folks. And she, of Jewish heritage, aparently does not think America has a right to defend herself. She believes that America has no right to go into other nations willy, nilly. I wonder how strongly she would fel about this if it was Israel being attacked? Would she be just as eager to see America sit on her hands for once and mind her own business? I think not.

While I do not pretend to know Ms. Mercer’s politics completely, her characterization of the political right as “neo-cons” leaves little room for interpretation as far as I am concerned. She spills more anti-American bilge than the entire democractic party. In fact, her own web site states that she only came to America in the first place to escape Canada. How’s that for love of country? Aparently, the Canadiens did not like her either. But I digress.

Clearly, Ms. Mercer thinks that her brand of politics is the only authentic brand of true conservatism; anything else is neo-con this or liberal that and as such needs to be spanked and sent to its respective corner of the room. This triangulation strategy works well for her, for in this way she can claim to be taking the higher ground while lambasting the right and the left at the same time so that her brand of politics can take center stage.

I have yet to see Ms. Mercer praise America for anything. In fact, Ms. Mercer seems so unilaterally opposed to America, Bush policy, Rumsfeld and conservatism in general that I have come to view both her and her writings with a certain amount of contempt. Don’t get me wrong, she is bright, but I seem to find myself disagreeing with her more often then not. In fact, up until recently I have just stopped reading her works altogether.

I decided to check her out one last time, based on a headline at WND. Her latest column at WND was about the Book of Job, so I was interested. Yet, when I read it I found myself puzzled and miffed. I was actually perturbed. But why? Her article is here. Though this article of hers seems innocent enough, there is just something about it that hit me the wrong way.

I decided to write Ms. Mercer a personal letter. It was not my intention to make a public nuisance of myself. I merely wanted to be a private nuisance. In response, she invited me to comment at her blog. She only asked that I be more, well, politic, for lack of a better word. I tried to accomodate her, and the result is here.

In fairness to Ms. Mercer, and for the benefit of her readers, I post the original, unvarnished e-mail in it’s entirety here. This is what got it all started, largely because of the nakedness of the emotions I express. This was to the point and I pulled no punches.

I have shoved my foot into my mouth so many times in my life that I have bite marks on my ankles. I am, however, not content with this. I am an overachiever by nature. I would like to have bite marks on my knees. Therefore, I will open my mouth wider and just shove it in all the way up to my thigh. Allow me to commence chewing.

Your article about Job was…well, heck, after all, I am diving right in aren’t?….it was silly. Just plain silly and arrogant, as most of your work is.

I won’t go into all of the reasons why I find your writings to be off-putting, mainly because most of my reasons have to do with your politics, which is of little value here. However, I did want to make just a couple of observations about your column in WND today. Your comments on Job said a lot about you, whether you realize it or not.

Lets begin with this quote in which you characterize the book of Job:

“It’s unrivaled – easily the best book in the Bible.”

For some reason that just made me laugh. Now, I like the book of Job. I do. But your stated position on Job is purely subjective in the first place, without any authority whatsoever upon which to base it. It is merely your opinion. Secondly, this sort of comment usually comes from someone who does not read the Bible all that much. True, you may have “studied” the Hebrew Books, but that is an ambiguous claim you make that means little as far as this email is concerned. It certainly does not convince me that anyone need bow to your supremacy as far as your knowledge of the Bible goes. Vanity of vanities. Knowledge is vanity. Relationship is where it’s at.

You go on to claim in so many words that you are an expert on the Hebrew Bible. You say of the literary work, “In case you wondered why an irreligious, if fierce, defender of the Judeo-Christian tradition is expounding on the Bible, let me explain. I’m of a generation of Hebrews that knows and loves the Hebrew Bible for the tremendous literary, philosophical and historical achievement it is”. Isn’t that special! And it reveals so much.

Apparently you never mention the fact that you love the Bible as a whole. In fact, your column today gives none of your readers any reason to believe that you recognize the New Testament at all. Could it be that only the Jewish parts of the Bible excite you?

You also fail to mention any appreciation whatsoever for the Bible as a divine message from our Creator; an omission I find interesting. To add insult to injury as it were, you refer to the Hebrew Bible as a “tradition”. Ah, the plot thickens.

Moreover, you characterize the Quran as, let me see, what was the word you so strategically used, umm oh yes….”clunking”, was it? And for this reason we are to appreciate the Bible even more? Uhh….I guess you are saying that because the Bible is comparatively eloquent we have yet another reason to love it, but not because the Bible is the Divine Word. Right? Again, I would point to your total lack of reverence of the Word for what it truly is. Thus, the fog begins to lift.

Finally, you refer to your father is a Rabbi and a Talmudic Scholar. Well, I suppose that is a very good reason to be proud of your father, but sadly it is not a reason to view him as anything other than an academic. As an aside, do you think his credentials really make you an authority on the Talmud? Really? My uncle is a renowned endocrinologist. Does that make me one?

Honestly, I am glad you love your father. I have no reason to doubt that he is a wonderful man. But the way in which you hold him up as a trophy simply because he is a Rabbi, coupled with the Jew-centric nature of your column, helps me to understand you a bit better. The picture you paint of yourself becomes clear. You are not just proud of your Jewish heritage. Madam, you are a religious racist and a intellectual snob.

You seem to think that the Bible is only about the Jews and their relationship to God; a shallow understanding which I find to be amazingly short sighted and obtuse, especially when one considers the fact that you are so intelligent and educumated. How could anyone such as yourself even begin view the Bible so incompletely?

Madam, the Bible is NOT about the Jews and their relationship to God only. Parts of it are, to be sure. But to fail to recognize the rest of the Bible is to fail to see what the Bible truly is: the Bible is about Gods relationship to mankind (Jews and Gentiles alike) and this Earth. In short, the Bible is nothing less than Gods Plan for mans Salvation through Redemption by Grace and Faith, which comes only through His Son.

To only recognize the Hebrew Bible, in particular the Old Testament (specifically the Talmud) is to refuse to recognize the redemptive personage of Jesus. The Bible could not exist without Jesus’ story being told. Therefore, I find your article to be a hollow, if not altogether meaningless diatribe insofar as it says very little about your personal relationship to the Person of God.

However, as a Mercer referendum on humanity, your column says a lot. If I did not know better, I would swear you look down your nose at anyone who is not Jewish. Forgive me if I am mischaracterizing you, but I do not think I am. Oh, I am sure you will protest. That is to be expected. But I stand by my claim until I see a reason to believe otherwise. Sadly, your column gives me no such reason.

By the way, just because someone is a Rabbi and a Talmudic Scholar does not mean they revere the Bible as God’s Word. For that matter, it does it mean they believe in God at all. There are plenty of Rabbi’s out there that love the Bible for its historical value and eloquence (and yes, I believe it has immense historical value), but who at the same time do not believe in a personal God. So, you score few points with me by touting your fathers (and by extension your) academic standing.

What I want to know is who do you think Jesus is? Actually, that is not my burning question at all. I do not need to know that. It is none of my business. In fact, that is Jesus’ question. He wants to know who you think He is? In fact, He asks that question of us all.

In conclusion, the Bible is for the world, Ms. Mercer. It is not just for Jews any more than it is just about them. There is much more to the Bible than the book of Job, and while I guess it is possible we need Bible Scholars to help us understand the Bible, your column today makes it very hard for me to come up with one good reason why.


Timothy Carr


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