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Well, this IS a travel web site. So let’s talk Interstellar Space Travel

Clearly SOMETHING is happening out there which falls into one of two categories: faked bullshit or actual phenomena. The bullshit probably outweighs the genuine article by a ratio of 70%/ 30% (maybe that figure is even more lopsided, I dunno). The question is this: what is the genuine article telling us? And assuming that some of what we see happening (like my pic) is a byproduct of intelligence from some other time or place, then from where does it come?
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Some Idea’s on Libertarianism, The Bible and Stuff

We live in very perilous times. I shake my head in wonderment when I read headlines any more. It’s getting to the point that I need to give myself a break, because the negativity I am exposed to every day is just starting to wear on me.

I often visit conservative web sites. Sites like World Net Daily, American Thinker, Debka File etc. are haunts of mine.

I don’t usually visit liberal web sites, mainly because all you have to do is listen to mainstream media and read Newsweek and the NY Times to get a sense of where liberal America is going. Besides, the left is quoted sufficiently at many of these sites I frequent. I also listen to conservative talk radio. I love Laura Ingraham, Rush, Bill O’Reilly, and Neil Boortz.

I also have my favorite authors and columnists. I will not list them here. There are simply too many. Suffice it to say that many of my favorite columnists can be found at the sites I visit. One such site is World Net Daily. WND has many contributors. Among them Joseph Farrah, David Kupelian, Larry Elder, Melanie Morgan, Pat Buchanan, Hal Linsay, Judge Roy Moore just to mention a few.
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