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My Love Affair With VW’s and Blue

I have owned a lot of cars in my life. Most of them have been hatchbacks. My first car was a hatchback. A Mazda GLC Sport Hatchback, to be exact. You know, I really wish I had kept that car. Of course, they are non-existant now. As a matter of fact, the GLC Sport Hatch is so rare that I have a tough time even finding photo’s of one online. Come to think about it, a GLC might even been worth some serious dollars today if it was in good condition.

That GLC was a great car. In fact, as I recall “GLC” stood for exactly that: Great Little Car. That little bugger had just been voted car of the year, too, or something like that. I believe the year was 1983, though when I purchased the car it was actually 1984 or 1985.

My dad bought me that GLC. It had a manual shift and, if memory serves, it was 5-speed with vinyl seats, a cheap-ass radio (which I listened to all the time), McPherson Front Struts and other salient features. That car would just go and go. Man, it was fun to drive. My dad just loved it. That was my first set of wheels. As an aside, I wish I had bought it myself. I should have. I wonder how it would have grown me as a person if I had. I believe we paid $3000.00 for it. But I digress.

As the years went buy, as years are want to do, I went through several other hatchbacks. A Dodge Colt (man was that a piece of crap) and a few others. Although I did have an Acura 4-door sedan once. Carolina Blue it was. Manual shift. And it ran forever. I literally drove the pedals off of it.

Shortly after my Acura met it’s demise, courtesy of a deranged deer that didn’t even have the decency to die after it attacked my car one foggy, rainy night on a country road in the middle of nowhere, I found myself in another hatchback. A Volkswagen, of all things. The car was a VW GTI VR6. A 1997 hatchback. It was great fun to drive, and that is when my love affair with all things VW actually began. Ironically enough, it really wasn’t even my car. At least, not technically speaking. The truth is my mother bought it for herself. Well, sort of, and she hated the car with a passion! Allow me to explain.

You see, my mothers car had recently given up the ghost. I was living with her at the time, having just moved home to help her deal with the cancer she had been diagnosed with a year earlier. Since her car had died, she needed another vehicle right away, but because she had cancer and her health was worsening, I volunteered to do the shopping for her. In short, I more or less drove up the road, hit a few local dealerships, spotted the VW, picked it out myself and gave it a test drive to my moms house all within the space of 5 hours.

Though I didn’t really know much about Volkswagens at the time, I felt the VW would suit our needs just fine. I wanted mom to have a car that would be reliable and fun for her to drive while she was still able to do so. The GTI was easy enough to get in and out of, and that was a bonus considering the fact that moms mobility was declining slowly. Additionally, I knew I would end up having to chauffeur her myself, and I wanted something I could enjoy driving as well. So, I encouraged her to buy it. And from that point forward that car was a source of contention between us. Even though I felt it was a good choice, she didn’t care for it too much. She just felt like the car was foisted upon her. I suppose she was right, though at the time I was simply trying to do what I thought was best. Oh well.

As it turned out, I happened to like the VW a lot. And that VW really whetted my appetite for German cars. Even though VW had a poor reputation in some circles, mom and I had nary a problem with the GTI. I began to learn more and more about The People’s Wagon. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Eventually, this emmersion in self-study lead me to the Blue Pearl R32 I bought in 2004. That was ‘Blue’, in a manner of speaking. The R32 was named after the most precious, sweetest lil cat I ever did have the pleasure of being friends with. My mom gave him to me on my 39th birthday. A little background is in order here.

My mother ran the Lynchburg Humane Society for nearly 15 years. During the time she was there, she gave life and love to countless dogs, cats and people. One such cat was a stray Birman that had been brought in to the shelter sometime in 2002. And such a rag-tag cat he was: so skinny and malnourished was he, that to look at him one would scarcely know just how beautiful he was capable of being. He was a bottom feeder, as they say, left to fend for himself in dumpsters and allies all hours of the day and night. Such was his life; a life hardly fit for such a regal beast as the Birman (visit The Birman Home Page)

In any event, mom took it upon herself (as she most often did) to nurse this big fellow back to health. Once he was looking more like himself, she tried to adopt him to a nice family or two, only to see him brought back each time for various sundry reasons. To make a long story short, the animal shelter made this Birman their official house cat. However, the real truth is this: my mom began to understand that this cat was meant for me, and she was holding on to him until I moved home. Once I did, mom gifted him to me, and me to him. His name just so happened to be Blue.

Blue was so named because of his deep blue eyes and the blue tinge to his luxurious silver/blue grey fur. On the day I first held Blue in my arms, once he wrapped his big arms and paws around my neck we just fell in love with each other. He was like a son to me. Father and son. All the way. To the hilt. No expression of love and attention was spared between us, and that, as they say, is another story. But you should know that Blue is the namesake of my R32 and this web site.

Anyway, for reasons I will not go into here, the R32 was traded for the 337 I currently drive, and which is is officially my 3rd VW. I truly enjoy it! It is quite a rare car, and I doubt I shall ever find another one like it again. This VW hatch is actually Reflex Silver, not Blue like the .:R32 was. But I want the legacy to continue, so this Dubbya has been dubbed “Blue” yet again, and the web site remains Blues Travels.

So, if you ever see a car with ‘4evrblu’ for a license plate, you will know you have just seen Blue, and thanks to this web site, you will know more about the story behind the name that most anyone else. Consider yourself privileged, for not everyone knows the full story.

Have a nice day!


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