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Antique Sale
Some interesting antiques will be sold by myself over the next several weeks. I have created an online entry that interested parties can use to view photographs, obtain prices, get contact information and so forth and so on. For more details, continue reading….

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Many of these antiques have been in the family for some time. A recent move has thrust me into a situation where dwindling space if of a premium. In addition, I wish to create a flavor and style of my own, and the current motif just does not suit me. Selecting what to hold on to and to let go of was not easy, but I think the items I have chosen to find new homes for are really interesting.

The Asian porcelain and china is, of course, imported and roughly 60-100 years old.

Additional items such as a few 200 year old collectible books will be added soon. One is by Benjamin Rush MD! Quite a rare find, indeed.

Any questions regarding any item you see here can be directed to me via e-mail to

I also accept weekend calls to my cell phone at 434-249-0266.

For your convenience, a list of items follows. The items in the list below directly correspond to the order of the items in the slide show located at the right.

Prices are somewhat flexible and are open to negotiation as well as being subject change without notice. So, bookmark and check back often for changes to the inventory as well as price changes.

  • Homer Laughlin China, Cavalier Eggshell; Turquoise Melody CV63; Two saucers and the handle of one cup have been cracked and repaired over the years. Otherwise, it is in wonderful condition. Really lovely set. Some pieces can no longer be found $700.00
  • Exquisite Japanese Tea Set: more details to come $450.00
  • Two Japanese Vase $125.00 each
  • Sterling Silver Ceremonial Chalice $195.00
  • Copper Fire Hearth Ornamental Pieces; not certain of the age but I am gathering information and as I obtain more information I will post it here. $85.00 for all three
  • Sterling Silver Place Settings $650.00
  • An actual David Heath Oil Original Circa 1975. Truly beautiful and rare. David Heath is an award winning naturalists who’s work can be found in numerous galleries in the North East. This portrait is approximately 36×27 and bids are being taken.
  • Wonderful Cast Iron tea pots, waffle irons and more. Each of these pieces are approximately 100 years old or more. More details to come as I learn more. The waffle iron in particular is really rare, considering its condition Prices range from $35.00 to as much as $200.00
  • We have two firearms that are wonderfully preserved and in good working condition, as incredible as it may seem. The flint lock is a Williams, or so the engraving states. The other firearm is a rare Remington Model 1889. Not many of these exist. Both guns are between 100 and 150 years old, or so my research tells me. More details as I uncover them. $4500.00 for both of them

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