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Lynchburg, Virginia Wingate Inn Revisited

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Never let it be said that I don’t give people second chances to make a first impression. Photos to come soon.

As most of you know, I have been traveling like crazy the last six months. Periodically, I have returned to the Lynchburg VA to take care of personal business. Such was the case this week.

As it turns out, I needed to get some work done on Blue, my ‘lil R32. Since I happened to be passing through the area I decided to stop off in Lynchburg VA to get Terry VW to do the work. Terry is the best VW dealership I have ever done business with (and if I have my way no one else will ever work on Blue, but Terry VW). Shameless plug? You bet!

Anyway, having stayed at several places in Lynchburg already, I decided to try the Days Inn on Candler’s Mountains Road. I have found the Days Inn to be a really good value. The hotel is rather old, but don’t let that fool you, as appearances can sometimes be deceiving. What I can tell you is that I have found Days Inn of Lynchburg to be a very comfortable place to stay, indeed. And while the rooms are far from posh, they’re really physically relaxing and it is easy to rest in them. All the rooms come with hi-speed internet access that is free. It is also wireless, which is cool. The wireless failed to work for me, though. Fortunately, all the rooms have Ethernet in them and so long as you have an Ethernet cable, you will surf at blazing speed!

While the rooms have certainly made my stay at the Days Inn nice, it was not the rooms that really interested me. Allow me to explain.

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Two things stand out about the Days Inn that should be of interest to you. One is the small diner attached to the Days Inn. It is called Day Break, and apparently it has been there for more than 20 years! I found this astonishing, as I have lived in Lynchburg since I was roughly nine years old, and at 42 I had no idea this place was even there. I had assumed that it was just an office space for Days Inn. That is as surprising as it is unfortunate.

First of all, I thought I knew just about every place there was to eat in Lynchburg, especially the older places. So, the fact that I never had heard of this place just struck me as odd. Surely, a place that served food this good (and it IS good) could not have escaped my attention all these years?

Secondly, now that I know about Day Break, I am sad that I have gone all my life having been denied the best tasting omelettes and sandwiches on the East Coast. Man, what a taste and what a waste! The good news is that I can tell you about Day Break. Hopefully, if you live in Lynchburg or happen to be traveling through the area you will make certain to stop off at Day Break. If you don’t, you are denying yourself a real experience! Be aware that Day Break only serves breakfast and lunch, but you will not be disappointed. You will love their food.

There is a second interesting fact about Days Inn. As fate would have it, Days Inn happens to be managed, in part, by the same guy that manages Wingate Inn of Lynchburg VA. If you will recall, I stayed at Wingate Inn nearly six months ago, and I was not favorably impressed. The pools and Jacuzzi were filthy. The exercise room housed a broken down piece of Nautilus equipment that did little more than collect spider webs, and the breakfast was quite inferior. In general, I was not pleased at all. On a positive note, Wingate Inn did have a nice staff, really beautiful rooms and the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are simply spectacular.

I bring all of this to your attention because the person who is acting Sales Manager of the Days Inn I am staying in, and with whom I was conversing this morning after breakfast, just so happens to be married to that same guy! In other words, her husband is also her boss. And he manages both the Wingate Inn and the Days Inn as well as Day Break Diner. Understand? Interesting, eh?

Well, I decided to talk to her about Day Break, in part because breakfast was simply awesome, and also because I learned that the Day Break Diner was on the verge of closing if business did not pick up. Apparently, business has been on the decline and corporate (in Charlotte, NC) is not happy about that. There is a good chance Day Break may close. This must not happen, and I wanted to do my part to make sure that did not happen. So, I had a talk with the Sales Manager, in hopes that I could encourage her to pump the restaurant up.

The conversation took several turns, some of which were not pleasant, the details of which I will not discuss here. But one thing I did end up talking about was my experience at Wingate Inn. She told me that six months had passed since I stayed at Wingate Inn and that I really should go check it out. Well, “Why not?”, I thought to myself. Let’s go see what’s different. Besides, the inn was just up the hill.

In short, Wingate Inn has new staff and several of the problems I recalled had been addressed. The pool and Jacuzzi were sparkling clean and very, very inviting. The exercise room still housed that same old, antiquated Nautilus Gym, but the broken chains had been replaced with sturdy belts and the machine was positively smooth to use. A person could really get a great workout on it.

Patti, the sales manager for Wingate, had only been there a month. But she was really jazzed to be there and she was as sweet as she was pretty. She was very tall (or am I just that short? heheheh), very well spoken and very Texan! I think she is a real asset to Wingate Inn. I hope her experience there ends up being a positive one.

I cannot really comment on more than that, as I did not spend the night at Wingate Inn. But I think that if you are passing through the area, or even if you live in Lynchburg and just want to take a mini vacation and do something nice for yourself, you might want to check out Wingate Inn. I feel right much better about it having seen it a second time.

Back on the road soon Blue Fans! Let’s hope Terry gets Blue up and running soon.


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