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I Lost My Heart In Charelston, South Carolina

I pity the poor fool who has never seen Charleston South Carolina. This has to be one of the most beautiful, yet peaceful cities I have ever seen. I have seen photographs of Charleston, but visting the city and meeting the people is simply a terrific experience. If you ever plan on traveling to the southeast of the USA, you owe it to yourself to come here.

I have been here a week, and I really don’t want to leave. I must make the trip to the Keys though. I have to experience that. But I could, and may, make Charleston my home. My only reservations about doing this have to do with the fact that I have heard terrible things about the Volkswagen dealership in this area. Moreover, I spoke with them on the phone two days ago and they were rude. To be honest, they sound crooked. I have been told by more than a few people that if you buy a car from them you can kiss them goodbye. They will not have anything to do with you once they have your money. And this is what they told me when I spoke to them on the phone, in so many words. You see, Terry Volkswagen has my trust and that’s worth more than Gold, in my view. I am not sure I can trust anyone else to work on my .:R

That said, Charleston has so many wonderful charms. I love the downtown historic district. The town is fairly easy to navigate and the traffic is very manageable. For a city it’s size, Charleston is remarkably quite and slow paced. You can exhale there.

The downtown area has a fabulous museum, beautiful parks and more wonderful stores, cafes and boutiques then you can possibly visit in a week. And if you drive past the downtown area with its businesses and shops, all of them beckoning your wallet to open up and spill its contents, you will hit the residential area with some of the most stunning homes you will ever see in a lifetime. Man, if I could close my eyes and make a wish, it would be to live right in the middle of that area in one of those homes. Man. Whew.

Well, I am about to make a very shallow and superficial comment, so all of you politically correct lackeys just sit down and shut your pieholes, because not only is Charleston a beautiful city, it is home to some of the most physically beautiful people I have ever seen, each one of them quick with a smile or an extended hand. These people are gorgeous. It is like GQ Magazine blew up, showering the city with pretty people. Naturally, I felt right at home.

Why is that, you ask? Is it because I am tall, dark and handsome with lots of thick, luxurious hair? Sure…. all of that helps……OK, for those of you who have seen me, you KNOW I am kidding. In fact, I am short and with a hairline that is so bad it makes my forehead look like a cantaloupe. Let’s just say that Brad Pitt, who I happen to have a man crush on, has no reason to worry with me in the world. But I don’t care. I may not be the best looking person in the world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy being around them! :blush: Heheheh

Technically, I stayed on the outskirts of Charleston, in a small town called Mount Pleasant. Imagine a city the size of Charlotte, NC being stuck right next to Mayberry. It is sort of like that. Mount Pleasant is where a lot of people choose to live, because the cost of real estate in Charleston is so exorbitant. I really liked the whole setup. Besides, Charleston is literally 1/2 a mile away, just on the other side of a bridge.

Mount Pleasant has many charms all of its own, complete with great stores, foods and shops. And the people are just as wonderful. It is next to some really nice beaches too, and its a pretty quiet area. It’s funny, but I do not think that in the whole week I have been here I have heard one siren. I don’t even think I have seen more than a smattering of police squad cars. I am sure there must be many, but in the whole week I have been here there has just been no trouble. Mt. Pleasant also has some great health clubs. So if you like to work out, you will be pleased with some of their facilities.

One thing that deserves special mention is the Whole Foods Grocery Store here in Mt. Pleasant. The people that work at this store are the happiest bunch of folks I have ever seen. It’s ludicrous. People who work for a living should never be this happy. The customers seem to be happy too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but its true. You shop at this store and you leave smiling having made 15 new friends. For the uninitiated, Whole Foods is like a giant organic/health food grocery store chain, with stores all over the world. They specialize in organic foods, meats, seafoods, juices, upscale cheeses, wines, etc. Its very fashionable and always good in terms of service and product quality. If you stay in Mt. Pleasant, you owe it to yourself to shop here.

I took tons of photos, and I may place a few on here. But for now, I will leave the photos on my Apple. I may post them in a few days.

God Bless and Merry Christmas To Everyone.


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