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More Dragon Tails; Robbinsville NC

As I left Deals Gap last night, I headed south on 129 to a town called Robbinsville, NC. I found a nice MicroTel Inn to stay at for only $49.00 a night. Not bad, considering you will pay twice that much anywhere else.

I slept well and woke up around 830 AM. I went across the street to the local diner and had some breakfast. It was while I was there that several strange things started to happen. In my stomach…..

As I sat at my table, quaffing down some eggs and pancakes, my mind began to drift to The Dragon, which I had run four times the day before. And, as I reminisced, it dawned on me what a colossal moron I was and how completely insane I was to have risked life and limb the way I did the day before. Mind you, I did not drive recklessly, but it was balls-to-the-wall dangerous and I could not wait to do it again! :laugh:

Still, as I sat there, transfixed at the notion of attempting The Dragon once more….I became nauseous. I mean, really ill. This is what it means to do The Dragon. The Dragon and eggs over easy do not mix. So, I had to stop eating and change my train of thought, or else my recently consumed eggs were going to assume a new pattern on my dinner plate.

I started to think about Robbinsville. The night before I had eaten at their newly opened Mexican diner. It was really good. But I noticed how everyone knew everyone. I mean, this town is small. I mean, REAL small.

You cannot go anywhere in Robbinsville, that the rest of the town is not right there with you. It’s an amazing thing to behold. And I thought Fancy Gap was small.

I imagine it’s hard to hide in a town this small. I mean, where will you go? You are either here, or you are over there. That’s about it. If the town decides to expand any time soon, I imagine you will be able to go over to the other place. But that only gives you three places to be, instead of the current two places.

The local gas station attendant also manages the cigarette trailer, which is literally 5 feet from the gas pumps. That means that at any given moment you have people smoking cigarettes while they are pumping gas, including the gas station attendant. It’s comical.

But the people are very nice, and that is what I have enjoyed most about the trip so far.


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