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Wilmington, NC; Stress and Salvation in the Form of a Pawleys Island, South Carolina

OK, so it’s been a while since my last entry. In fact, it’s been too long. But I cannot help it. I was too busy relaxing to write.

Really, I was.

At the advice of one of my most well traveled friends, I left Charlotte for Wilmington, North Carolina. He told me this was a town I had to see. He also told me to stay in the historic district if I could. He said I would really have fun. And he would have been right, had I been able to find a downtown area to stay in, and had I stayed more than 12 hours. As fate would have it, neither of those things happened. And the rest is …well….you decide.
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Robbinsville and Charlotte NC; Two Great Towns

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Some of you may be familiar with my friend Woody. Woody and I met in Fancy Gap nearly two months ago, early on in my travels. Well, about a week ago Woody emailed me about a VW event happening in Charlotte NC. The event was being sponsored by GMP Performance of Charlotte NC. Since I was staying in Robbinsville NC (a few short hours away from Charlotte), it seemed the logical thing to do. Plus, it sounded fun. It would be my first VW event, and hopefully the first of many to come. Problem was that Woody let me know a good 5 days in advance, and that meant I had to stay in Robbinsville for almost a week. So, I stayed. I didn’t mind, really, because Robbinsville is such a fantastic little town with lovely people. Granted, there is not a lot to do in Robbinsville, but I was able to relax and that is worth the price of gold if you ask me. Yet, another fabulous reason to live in a small town!
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A Few More Thoughts On The Dragon

I had some interesting dialogue with folks at

Some of them were family people who took offense at my rather staunch stance regarding who should and who should not be on The Dragon. They felt as if I had no right to do this. They felt that The Dragon should be enjoyed by everyone, and not by just a few. They felt that by warning certain people to stay off US 129, I was being harsh, judgemental and descriminatory. Well, maybe they are right. But here is the problem as I see it.
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More Dragon Tails; Robbinsville NC

As I left Deals Gap last night, I headed south on 129 to a town called Robbinsville, NC. I found a nice MicroTel Inn to stay at for only $49.00 a night. Not bad, considering you will pay twice that much anywhere else.

I slept well and woke up around 830 AM. I went across the street to the local diner and had some breakfast. It was while I was there that several strange things started to happen. In my stomach…..
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Deals Gap, NC – To Own The Tail of the Dragon, or Die Trying

Have you ever spoken to someone that was going to die soon? Or maybe you just suspected they would die soon. Do you recall how it felt to talk to that person? Do you have any idea what sort of expression you must have had on your face when you spoke to them? Well, I met several people today who felt like they were talking to a dead man walking. Namely, me.

I had spent most of the day driving through the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, near the Tennessee border. I was on my way to The Tail Of The Dragon at Deals Gap, NC – an eleven mile stretch of road that winds through the Smokey Mountains like a great serpent, throwing 318 hairpin turns at you. Every week, so I have been told, The Dragon claims a victim of one degree or another. Naturally, I had to see if its bite was really as bad as everyone says it is.

Along the way I would stop at this store or that store, and wherever possible I would ask a local just how close I was to The Dragon. I can tell you that the expression on their faces, when they saw the car I was driving and learned I was just about to ride The Dragon at Deals Gap, was priceless to say the least, if not altogether unnerving. It was as if these people had seen my type many times before. You know the type I am talking about, right? : Fast car. Expensive. Shiny. Blinged out and tuned to the max. And behind the wheel? Some hotshot tourist who thinks that because he sits behind the wheel of a high performance car he must automatically be a skilled driver and, as such, a de facto member of the sports car enthusiast club.

Sadly, more often than not drivers of this sort are destined to enter the mouth of The Dragon at one end, only to be gobbled up, swallowed whole and excreted like so much fecal matter out the other end, barely able to limp home in a nearly totaled sports car; or even worse, severely injured or killed because they overestimated their driving skills, taunted The Dragon and assumed supremacy, when they should have been in awe of its demanding slingshot turns, and feared The Dragon instead. Melodrama. Don’t you just love it!

I am sure this is how I must have looked to each person that directed me closer and closer to my destination. Or was it my destiny? I would soon find out.
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