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Milan and The Daily Grind in Lynchburg, Virginia

I have discovered several wonderful places to get tremendous service and great food at a reasonable price. One is an Indian restaraunt called Milan, and another is an internet coffee cafe called The Daily Grind. Both are in Lynchburg, Virginia. :satisfied:

Milan of Lynchburg : Offering Traditional Indian Cuisine

Milan of Lynchburg is not only one of my favorite places for Indian Cuisine, but it is one of my favorite spots for food period, and for three reasons: Quality of service; Quality of food and quality of service. Oops, did I mention service twice?? Hmmm. I wonder why? Well, because of all the restaurants I have ever spent time in, Milan caters to its customers in a way I that have only heard of in some of the finest restaurants in New York and Las Vegas.

Let’s cover the basics first. When one steps into Milan, one cannot help but notice the decor. The ambiance (look, style and feel) of Milan is purely stunning and purely East Indian. The walls are covered with Frescos that are beautiful and along with the traditional music, it really sets the mood, whether you are there for lunch or for dinner.milan

In addition to a standard menu, lunch at Milan offers a fantastic buffet with a variety of dishes to choose from. Dishes ranging from soups, to curried lamb, chicken and beef, to vegetarian dishes, to salads as well as traditional Indian deserts, such as Mango Pudding and Rice Kheer, are available.

Dinner does not have a buffet, but the menu is tremendously varied and reasonable priced. I have never gotten a meal at Milan that was not pure heaven. Their chefs must be classically trained, because I find their traditional dishes to be the best I have ever had, and I have dined at numerous Indian restaurants.

What is even more noteworthy than the food is the service. When you are at Milan, at any given time you may have up to 3-4 waiters serving you. They are quiet, and while cordial, they are not too talkative. They seem to have this almost instinctive way of knowing when you need something, too. It is really amazing. They are constantly scanning the tables from afar, looking for a half empty glass of water, an empty plate, or a raised eyebrow and they have such a humble demeanor about it all. I know it sounds silly to say that, but have you ever had the experience of eating out when you felt your server just wanted you to eat, leave them a tip and go home? These guys have a way of making you feel like you are the only people eating at Milan. I get the impression they want me to just stay there. It is really very cool.

Expect to spend about $15.00-$20.00 per person for dinner and around $10.00 per person for lunch.

The Daily Grind at Wyndhurst in Lynchburg, Virginia : Just a Cool Internet Cafe

The Daily Grind is really a stunning place, as well as serving up great coffee’s and internet access. In fact, I think it is the only internet cafe in Lynchburg. Kudos to Daily Grind and props to being progressive enough to offer WiFi.

I have taken some photographs that really do the place justice. I hope you like them.

The first picture is of the entrance from the inside. It looks out onto the main drag that winds through this huge subdivison/development called Wyndhurst.

grind2 The next photo is of this fabulous, winding staircase that leads up to a inner balcony that looks out over the cafe. Isn’t that the coolest thing. I just love this place.

The next shot was from the most comfortable leather seat I have ever collapsed in. This must be what it feels like to lay in a cloud. These seats are the most sumptuous things your backside will ever get kissed by….grind3

The service is very nice and the coffee’s are extraordinary.

For the record, the internet access is free. More props to Daily Grind for that courtesy, but please do the folks at Daily Grind a favor by purchasing something while you are there. After all, these guys are in business to make money too. And spread the word. Remember, Lynchburg is not to progressive a town, just ask anyone. In fact, mold grows on most things in that town.

Wyndhurst is trying to change all of that, but the merchants need some good word of mouth advertising. So talk Daily Grind up. Sing their praises far and wide people!

As an aside, I was talking to an employee at the Grind, and she was telling me she was moving to Michigan. I asked her why and she said it had to do with the fact that Lynchburg was a dull town. I have to agree with the girl. She was a little bit younger than me, but I am young enough that I know what she is talking about. Lynchburg is run by old people. Sad, but true. In fact, it comes as no surprise to me that the biggest, most dominating structure at Wyndhurst is a retirement community called The Summit. I almost halfway believe that Wyndhurst was built for the older folks in Lynchburg.

That spells bad news for the progressive shops there. Most older folks will have no interest in going to businesses built for the younger set, and the young people will not come to those businesses once they begin catering to senior citizens.

Do not get me wrong, I love the seniors. I hope to be one someday myself. But the biggest problem facing Lynchburg is the mass exodus of young people from this town. I am one of those people who left. And it is not my intention to ever come back. The city planners of Lynchburg either do not see this, or they do see it and are perfectly fine with it.

What is it they say, that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. But I digress.

The brothers Portnoy, Dan and Ryan, that run The Daily Grind, are approachable, likeable guys. I wish them all the best. If you need directions or have questions give them a call at 434-237-8878

Try the Vanilla Chai Tea if you stop by. They make it with love, baby!


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