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For Volkswagen Enthusiasts; Fantastic Dealership In Lynchburg, Virginia

I have now been on the road for five weeks. I am about to begin the second phase of my journey. Recent events in the lives of my relatives on my fathers side dictated that I return to Virginia Beach, and since I was in Virginia Beach I thought I might as well just head up the road to see my brother in Charlottesville. While I was there I thought I might as well head back home to Lynchburg to get Terry VW to do some maintenance to my car, just to make sure all was in working order…. and the experience reminded me of just how lucky I am to have purchased my car from Terry Volkswagen.

Moreover, while I have been out on the road, several times I have wanted to get my car looked over and picked at, bbut I had no idea who to take Blue to see. I do not trust just anyone to work on my R32, and I have had a few bad experiences with other VW dealerships, not to mention the customer service horror stories I have read about at Then, I began to realize that other VW enthusiasts might be just as hesitant to get there cars looked at because they are traveling and have no idea who to take their beloved VW to. So, this little review will serve to settle the question of who you can trust to work on your VW, at least in the state of Virginia that is……read on mate.

I purchased my R32 from Terry Volkswagen sometime back in February of this year. True, the car has been a dream and one of the two best purchases I have made in my life. But believe it or not, what stands out as more incredible than the car itself is the experience I have had at Terry Volkswagen ( ).

I admit I obsess about my car. Ask my brother. He no longer rides in my R32 because he does not sit in it correctly. It’s not his fault, mind you, but he is just too big. He also does not exit the car properly. Everyone knows that when you exit my car, you have to place your left or right hand (depending on which seat you are in) on the rocker panel, use that arm to support your body and step out of the car as gently as possible so as not to place too much wear and tear on the side bolsters of the seat. So, you get the picture. I am a nutcase.

And whereas my brother tired of my obsessive-compulsive disorder within the first week, the people at Terry VW have embraced my neurosis with open arms. Now, to my credit, my peeps at Terry VW also know I will spend whatever it takes to get the best care possible for Blue (Yes, he has a name), and I am patient too. I will sit in the lobby or walk around the dealership until the stars burn out, if that is how long it takes to have something done to the car. So, I try to make my presence as tolerable as possible. But still, Terry’s commitment to customer service is not only the best I have found among VW dealerships, it is the best I have found anywhere, in any industry period.

The Little Things

As the song says, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference (well, I am not sure it’s a song that said it, but if a song didn’t say it, it should).

One of the things you will notice about Terry VW is just how clean it is. Have you ever been to one of the retail Apple PC Stores? If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to go to one. Being in one of those Apple Stores is like being teleported into a futuristic Sci-Fi movie where everything is brightly lit, white and shiny and made out of glass. Terry VW is like that. The place is so sun-shiny bright. And it is so clean you can eat of the service department floor. I am not exaggerating here.
Have a look for yourself. That floor is clean people. And that is just the service department, folks.



And here is another shot of the same complex, just a little closer to the offices.

GW Hall is the guy behind the behind the glass curtain pulling all the strings and pushing all the buttons. That man does a terrific job keeping the appointments moving right along. I have been in that room with him, and the calls just keep coming in at a blistering pace. Yet, he keeps his cool

The showroom is beautiful, too. I love walking around in it. I imagine I have been in 6-7 VW dealership showrooms, and Terry’s is by far the best. Have a look.showroom

The showroom more or less sets the stage for your experience at Terry. The atmosphere there is relaxed, no pressure and flexible. That even extends to the mechanics.

To the man, all the technicians have been competent, well spoken and intelligent. And this matters to me, because the technicians will be the ones working on your Dubya. It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that these guys are just as adept talking politics as they are fluid dynamics.

When I got my R, I asked GW to assign me one technician who would work on my car. They assigned me Steve. Occasionally, William, another great guy and also Evan, both brilliant by the way, work on Blue. But usually it is Steve (that’s him, working on Blue). I love this because each car has its own personality and distinct energy about it, as does each technician.

steveI wanted to be a matchmaker of sorts. I wanted my R32 to have one technician that knew him better than anyone else. I know that sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but I believe it was the best way to protect my investment, which is how I saw this purchase.

Steve knows the in’s and out’s of my car. He knows how I take care of it and how I want it taken care of. Steve is a perfectionist and leaves no stone unturned once I turn my car over to him. I trust the guy implicitly. He even lets me look at my car, sometimes even while he is working on it, so I can familiarize myself with it. I just think this is amazing, and it is this sort of personal touch that Terry VW has offered me from the very beginning. I will tell you this much, some dealerships are so touchy and rigid, that allowing the customer to be part of the car care experience is something most dealerships would never consider. Not because it’s a bad idea, but because they just do not care about the customer.

Josh Olivera and Kim Campbell put the sale together for me. Kim always says hello to me when I come in, and we even kid around from time to time. Josh, my buddy, is the man who sold me the car technically speaking. And would you believe that this guy calls me every two months or so just to say hello? I am serious. I have owned 6 cars and I have never had a sales person do that. This is yet another example of just the sort of thing I am talking about.

Occasionally, I have had a few concerns about my car. Let’s face it; nothing built by human hands is perfect. Buddy, the service manager for VW, knows this and he has always sat me down in his office and heard my concerns about one thing or another. And on several occasions he has gotten certain things on the car fixed or replaced.

Some of you may be saying, “So, that’s his job! Big deal!”. And to that I would say, “Yeah, that is his job, alright. And it sure is nice to deal with someone that does it for a change.” I cannot begin tell you the number of times I have dealt with difficult service managers who made me feel like I was the problem. Buddy has never made me feel this way.

Then there is Tim Hodges, the sales manager. Tim is a high school buddy of mine. The guy is sharp, and a snappy dresser, too. Heh heh. Tim has been great, and infinitely patient with me, and he knows what I am talking about. He is truly one of the great people you will meet, in any walk of life.

Finally, there are the girls who actually run the place. I am, of course, talking about Vicky, Mary and Kathy. They answer the phones and transfer calls, and always with a smile in their voices. And you wanna talk cute? Fugeddaboutiit! All three of these gems are just terrific. These three have made me feel so welcome, even Vicky, who is somewhat new to Terry. Thanks to each of you!

My whole purpose for writing this rather large review, which the more I read it sounds like a love letter, is because of the tremendous sense of gratitude I feel. And also, because I feel very confident that your experience, should you do business with Terry, will be like mine has been. Terrific.

I am thankful that I made my purchase from Terry, and not because I have a great car, but because I have developed great relationships with each person I have met at Terry Volkswagen. If you do business with Terry, you may just make a new friend or two.

So, if you have a VW or want one, and you are driving through Virginia wondering where to go to get your VW needs met or questions answered, I cannot recommend Terry Volkswagen highly enough. Yeah, I know, that’s a cheap sales pitch, but hey, Terry has earned it!


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