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Some Beautiful Outer Banks Sunrise Photos

I snapped a few shots of the sunrise in Avon, NC, just before I left to head back to VA. Beach due to some family matters. The photos are only minutes apart, and may take a while to download, but what is so beautiful besides the photos themselves is the subtle differences between them as each passing moment fed into the next. I hope these do not take too long to load.

If I could only include the sounds of the sea……I think I must go back to the Outer Banks soon!

I am in Lynchburg at the moment, in a cafe on a Friday, the 29th I think, editing this entire blog, which is so full of errors it is embarrassing. And, I sure miss the sound of that surf in my head and the feel of the water on my legs. Wow. What to do, what to do.sunrise4 When I was in Manteo and in Avon, I was hoping to find a place to stay for the winter.

It is funny, but having been gone so long from the ocean, nearly 20 years I suppose, I have become more attuned to the mountains, and I mourn that somewhat.

Yet, if I do not head west soon, it will be too cold in the Smokey’s to hit Tail of the Dragon. So, I am leaning toward heading in that direction on Saturday.sunrise3

It’s funny, but I began this trip solely with the intent of driving Tail of the Dragon. And here I am, 5- weeks into my trip and I haven’t gotten there yet.sunrise5 I have spent equal time in the mountainous areas and the oceanic areas, but I want to reclaim that part of me that was left behind, back in Virginia Beach, in 1985. That was when I lived in the Avamere. Man, was that the summer of my life. I had more fun that summer.

I suppose we all have a “Summer of ’85” in our lives. But is one all we get? And sometimes not even that? Were I to find a way to live on the coast, would I be able to have a similar experience? After all, I am older, wiser, or I am suppose to be. I definitely am not the same person I was in 1985.

Perhaps I could have an even better experience. Perhaps I could fall in love again, and this time it would not be a first love. Maybe this time it could last a lifetime. Maybe this time, instead of axiomatic pain that is guaranteed with first loves, I could have joy…exceeding joy. I could get a tan again. Maybe I could learn to kite surf, or start a business of some sort. Maybe I could go as far as the Keys. Everyone tells me to go there.

Or, maybe….I could ask God. Surely He knows what’s best for me, does He not?

The point is, I didn’t really begin this trip to have the vacation of a lifetime. This trip was about learning about me and God. This trip was about learning about people. This trip was about establishing memories. I wanted to experience something new and fresh. And so far, I have been doing just that. This trip has been all of the above, and more. Only, I feel as I have more yet to accomplish. I am not done, yet. Am I?

When will I have accomplished my goal? When will I know when I have done all I need to do on this pilgrimage of mine? I do not think any person can answer that question. Determining the end of a journey is like determining when it is nightfall…or when it is daylight. The thing is, there never is a point when it is nightfall…for the sun shines on some part of the earth at all times….

All we know is, that from our perspective, we have no idea when the sun set exactly, only that at one point we had daylight, and, at some point, while we were enjoying our self or were otherwise occupied, it became nightfall. We did not see it happen, we just noticed that it HAD happened.

Maybe the end of a pilgrimage is like that. All of the sudden, we look at ourself, and see that we had transformed. We see that at one some point, our lives had become exactly what we had always needed it to become. We could not have ever seen it happen. There was never a moment we were aware of when it DID happen. All we know is that at some point, it DID happen, and somehow we became what we were meant to become. All that is required of us is to press forward, always forward, stopping occasionally to gaze back at our lives to see how far we had come.

Taking a photograph of a wave is a lot like trying to know when you have achieved your goal or mission in life. Try it and you will see. Hold up the camera….and you try to capture the precise moment at which the wave occurs….and of course, it is impossible….because at any given moment the wave is in a perpetual state of becoming something newer and better, changing, from one moment to the next, only to be replaced by a new wave, a better wave. All you do by trying to gage the apex of a waves beauty is miss it altogether…you miss the experience.

The best wave to enjoy a wave is to go with it, to let it happen and be as present as much as you can possibly be for each moment of the waves life….be the wave….be life. And of course, after the wave is gone, you must be ready to enjoy the next wave, the next phase of life, when it reveals itself. Just go with it. Does this make any sense?


I will probably wake up tomorrow, read this and think to myself, “What the heck was I thinking?”

Well…enough of this existential gibberish!

It is Friday evening. I have a journey to complete. I imagine tomorrow I will head West to do the Tail, or East. The leaves are still pretty, so now is the time to go if I want to do it. If I go West, I may go via the Natural Bridge, just to eat at a place called The Pink Cadillac. It is a famous diner, along the way, or so I am told.

I sure need some cash though. I hope some of my potential sponsors come through for me. I am not made out of money. Not in the least. Although I sure have been spending it lately.

But like my brother says, I will be richer for having made myself poor. Well, OK, he did not say that. I did. But I like the way that sounds. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

All I need is 12 sponsors. Anyone reading this could help. If you know anyone who might like to sponsor a poor boy on his journey, to just pay some living expenses, e-mail me. I sure could use the help!!


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