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Manteo A Charming Town; White Doe Inn, a lovely Bed and Breakfast

Well, as I left Tarboro behind I decided I needed to head East, postponing The Tail of the Dragon a few days, weeks or maybe months.

I headed to Cape Hatteras and Avon, but not before stopping off in Manteo, at the behest of my good buddy Thomas Woody. He said he knew of a Bed and Breakfast in a town called Manteo, near Nags Head. As it turns out, the lil buggers parents own the darned thing. So, I decided to stop over for a few nights……

….Now, before you get all excited, I must let you know that something goofed in my camera and all photos that I took of White Doe Inn vanished. It is the first time such a thing has happened and since I do not know what I did wrong, let’s just hope I do not do it again. :satisfied:

At any event, Manteo is just such a cool town. I met some of the most interesting people there, and in Manteo everyone is related to everybody. It is weird to, because everyone also KNOWS everybody. I am use to living in towns where people can live on the same street and never ever talk to each other. So, Manteo was culture shock, but fun.

The owners of White Doe Inn, as I stated earlier, are Bob and Bebe Woody. They really have a lovely home, which is located within walking distance to the waterfront, where many of the cool stores and salons are located.

Bob Woody is a sweetheart of a guy, too. He is so friendly. He loves to mingle with the guests and when he is not working on the manor, he is talking to you or one of the other guests. I found this to be a nice departure from some of the other places I have stayed. Bob is just very hands on and likes to know who he is accomodating.

They have a Chef, Ella, who is self trained and really does have a creative flair when iit comes to food. All of my breakfasts had a very southern appeal to them, with grits, hams, sausages, omlettes and pancakes. Now, that may not sound exciting to some of the more “refined” readers of this web site, but let me assure you…..there was nothing unrefined about the meals or service. I enjoyed breakfast at White Doe Inn more than I have in any place I have stayed so far. Trust me when I tell you that Ella is terrirific!

I ended up leaving Manteo for further down the Cape, but I loved that town so much I tried to find a place to live while I was there.

I would have to say that of all the places I have stayed, Manteo and Fancy Gap are the two most peaceful and quiet.

OH…..and by the way…..

If you stay at White Doe Inn, and at some point you meet a small, cute four legged grey youngster that rubs on your leg, reach down, pick him up and prepare for the hug and purr of your life. This little kitten was the cutest thing, and if you are not careful, he will leap from the ground up onto your shoulder if he thinks you are pounce worthy. Yep, he will pounce ya! This little kitten really was the highlight of the trip, but if you knew me and how much I loved cats, you would understand why! 😀


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