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Outer Banks, NC; Try the Blue Parrot, Avoid Avon Motel

Most of the entries in my travel journal have been positive. I really tend to think that sometimes, when you encounter something or someone you do not like, it is best to just say nothing at all.

Moreover, I tend to think that Karma has a way of working things out. So, if someone wrongs you, it is sometimes best to let God deal with them.

Sadly, in this particular instance, by saying nothing I may cause more harm then good…so I need to relate a particular experience that took place in Avon; NC…….

…It all started around 6 PM when I was driving through the Cape Hatteras area. I had driven to within 30-40 miles of Ocracoke Island, when Blue and I decided we were hungry.

When what with my eye did I spy…but a restaurant called The BLUE Parrot. Naturally, since it was a Blue Parrot I just had to stop in for a spell.


The owners are a pair of brothers, one of whom is named Richard Lewis (not the comedian). Richard was a very nice guy, by the way.

My waiter was Augustine. I think he told me he was from Argentina and also Italy. I am sure the chicks dig him, what with the hair and accent and all. Just think Fabio with a surf board. And while I watched guys Kite Surf (something I have to try), my meal was prepared.

I ended up with a terrific meal and just a very cool dining experience all the way around. I definitely think you need to check out The Blue Parrot.

Avoid Avon Motel

While I was dining on a terrific Thai dish at The Blue Parrot, it was suggested to me that I stay at a motel just up the beach called Avon Motel. Sadly, my experience there was a nightmare, from start to premature finish.

I arrived at Avon Motel around 630 to check in and was greeted by Bea. Oh, my but wasn’t she pleasant. She charged me $69.00 for a room the size of a thimble. I assumed that was the going rate so I agreed to stay the night.

A couple of strange things about the Avon Motel are worth noting. First, after 7 PM the office closes up. So, if you have a medical emergency, get locked out, or have any need whatsoever, you are screwed. I should have taken this as my first hint all was not well in the Outer Banks.

Second, for the most part, you are expected to clean up your own room. They even have it scribbled on a piece of paper, thumb tacked to the wall of your room. It is the first thing you see when you walk in.

Now, while I believe in trying to keep things tidy as possible when you stay at a hotel, the whole point of taking a vacation is to get away from petty chores and the tedium of day-to-day life. So, I find it odd that the Avon Motel makes it a point to remind you that just because you are on vacation, don’t expect them to pick up behind you. But I digress.

Shortly after Bea left, at 7 PM sharp mind you, I began to notice a strange noise. It was the noise of huge 4x4s being driven back and fourth in front of my room. They were not just standard SUV’s either, but 747 loud 4×4’s. This went on for some time, but I was cool with it for the most part. I do recall Bea telling me it was very quiet at the Avon Motel, but she was obviously saying what she needed to say to make the sale. If you stay there, bring your earplugs.

At any event, shortly thereafter, guests came calling, and not the type on two legs…but the multi-legged type. That’s right ladies and gents….cockroaches. They took a liking to the white wall in my room, I suppose because stucco is to a cockroach what water is to a fish.

Needless to say, I was shocked. For $70.00 a night, I think I should only have to share my room with humans. In any event, I decided that since I didn’t like the idea of bugs crawling all over me (go figure, unreasonable me), I would leave. So, with the room untouched, save for the chair I sat in to make one phone call, I left. I fully expected to get a refund the next day, since I did not stay there any length of time and since I did not use any of the rooms facilities. In fact, I actually drove up the road to stay at a hotel that costs me more, but at least it had no bugs.

The next day I met Bea. I told her my story and she accused me of lying. She said there were no bugs, and that the owner would doubt me and that he would assume I was lying as well. I was told they would “look into it”, but that it was assumed I was not telling the truth. And, wouldn’t you just know it, they have never had that complaint before. Gosh. It’s that time tested duck and dodge move called the “never-before” shuffle.

Now, I admit, in the grand scheme of things, $70.00 is not the end of the world, but I did not stay in the room. So, this is tantamount to using a credit card without someones authorization. At the very least, they took my money and kept it, knowing I did not use the room because of the critters in it. This would be like paying $70.00 for a pot that has no bottom to it, but you don’t discover it until you get home, only to find out all sales are final and you will not be getting a refund.

Of course, I had my camera with me and I even thought about getting out of my car to take several picks of the bugs before I left. But after a few minutes I thought, “Heck, these people are good and decent people. I don’t need to do any of this.” Besides, I am afraid of roaches:D. In the end, I didn’t take the photos simply because it never occurred to me that I would be accused of lying. I would have thought that the mere fact I pulled up stakes almost immediately, and stayed at a more expensive place would have been proof positive enough that something went wrong.

That was a HUGE mistake. One I shall not make again, I assure you. My other mistake was in telling Bea I had pictures. LOL. I suppose I just wanted to see her face light up, and boy did it ever. I suppose you could say it was a tiny bluff. The truth is I almost did take pictures, but I felt there was no need.

In any event, the reason I am telling you this is because there are several other motels in the area that are much cleaner, and much quieter and run by management that have more scruples.

Bea told me that the Avon Motel had been there for 50 years. Looking at the place I can certainly believe her. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but the Avon Motel needs some work.

I ended up staying at a place called Lighthouse View Motel, and I slept like a log. The rooms were clean, preciously quiet, and most important of all….not one bug was found in either room I stayed in. I stayed two nights. The second night I had an ocean front room and the surf was spectacular.

In conclusion, if you are headed to the Outer Banks, my suggestion would be to avoid Avon Motel, and most definitely check out The Blue Parrot. Tell them Blue sent you!


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