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Well, I am now in Manteo, NC, but before I go into Manteo and what brought me here, I need to post several miscellaneous photos of Fancy Gap, Winston Salem and Tarboro…….

The first set of Photos are from Fancy Gap. They consist of Tom Woody’s VW Corrado, which he built from scratch; some photos of the gym in Fancy Gap and of course, the cutest little flirt in all of Fancy Gap, Molly, a baby Bassit Hound that was good enough to eat, and boy oh boy did I just gobble her up. She is without a doubt the cutest pup I have ever seen….just look at that face….”Love meeeeee, Love meeeeee!” And here she is America….the flirtiest lil girl in Fancy Gap, Molly! What a mush button!

corrado Woody’s Car Rocks! Nice job, Woodman!

Woody is a very bright gye and what do you expect from a VW owner. Hehehe:smile:

He has some progressive ideas for the internet too. Keep an eye on this guy, Thomas Woody!


Some old, old, old Nautilus, courtesy of Authur Jones. The stuff was great to use after so many years! I would love to have some old Nautilus! Just below, a leg press that looks like it is hanging by a thread, but in actuality it left ME hanging on by a thread after three heavy sets. Whew! Man, that sombich was hard!


The next series of pics are of a few homes in Winston Salem, one of which belongs to Charlene Newton. I thought she was very nice to let me photograph her home. I want to wish her daughter luck in dance school. This is Charlene’s house. Nice, eh? I would not mind some digs like this, myself!!!
This next house belongs to the President of NC School of Dance, I think. I am not sure who the house to the left belonged to. It may have been vacant, but it is a good representation of what all the houses looked like in Old Salem.

The last series of pics come from the gym in a place called Tarboro, NC called B&G Fitness. These are just some random shots, but the gym is GREAT!!! Thanks Robert, for letting me train there. B&G Fitness has the potential to be the next Gold’s Gym, or even better, if they decide to go national!


While in Tarbor I did some laundry, too. And at the laundry I met the cutest little boy and his mother, Kenneth and Felicia. I want to wish them all the best as well. You guys are the sweetest people. Kenneth will be either a lawyer, a doctor or I think maybe even a professional baseball player when he grows up. I just have a feeling about this little boy. His mom is doing a great job. I didn’t have my camera, otherwise I would have taken a photo of them while I was there.


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