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Fancy Gap and Fancy That!

Well, with each new place I travel to, I find new joys and encounters that have done wonders for my spirit and my faith.

Within the human heart is a God-built desire to encounter the divine. This desire is God’s calling card to us, in my opinion. Doesn’t every person long for a divine connection and a reason to believe?

This trip has shown me that the best way for anyone to prove to themselves that God is there and that he loves them, is to get out there in the world, away from all that is safe, familiar and comfortable, and let God show Himself. As long as we are trusting in the confines of the safe and familiar (which is not a bad thing in its proper place and time, mind you), God is not as easily perceived or envoked. When we let go of what we are holding on to, we then have to fill that vacuum by grabbing on to something else. It is at times like these that the Seeker, if he is wise, will grab on to God, at least I tend to think that is what the wise man (or woman) does……

Anyway, when I last wrote you guys, I was in Roanoke. I was warned by several people that if I traveled south, I was to avoid interstate 81 at all costs. My brother was the first to caution me. Then, several people at the accommodations in Roanoke also told me to avoid 81, calling it Death 81. The truckers are murder on 81, and literally. They barrel down 81 at break neck speeds and will run over anything that gets in their way, or so I was told.

So, emboldened by several to take the Blue Ridge Parkway, and since all things in my life are coming up Blue, I decided to be guided by Blue, yet again. So, I decided to venture forth on a scenic trip.
BlueRideOneBlueRidgeTwo So, the Blue Ridge Parkway it was, and at 45 mph on the average, I drove for nearly 4 hours and traveled all of 110 miles, seeing some truly beautiful sights. Toward the end of my first leg of this journey, I stopped off at an old mill creek tavern of some sort. The name escapes me at the moment, but I have pictures, which can be seen below.

While there, I met the manager of this mill tavern restaurant, whose name was Joe. He told me that just up the road, there was a place called Fancy Gap. Fancy Gap is the poorest area of VA, or so I am told. Yet, according to Joe there was a golf resort and a diner there that was great. The resort was called Skyland Lakes Golf Club, and had rooms that were only $55.00 a night!! I could not believe this, but a quick call to the resort confirmed the prices, and up the road I went.



I pulled into the resort, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, just beyond mile marker 202, and was greeted by Betty Saul. She and her hubby, Jack (some really wonderful folks, by the way), own the whole resort!! They had recently added 6 new cottages, and let me tell you, they spared no designing these cottages. The cottages had Serta beds, Microwave ovens, very nice oak dressers and bed side stands, lovely showers and they were just very comfortable.

At the time of this writing, the rooms have no phones. Don�t know why, but I am on one of the clubhouse�s phone lines, thanks to Jack Saul who hooked me up. So, if you come, bring a cell phone, or use one of the clubhouse phones.

By the way, the diner is LakeView Restaurant. No breakfast, and closed on Mondays, the food is very good and reasonably priced. Its near the resort. Just ask for directions.

It really is very beautiful up here at Skyland Lakes, and peaceful too. And do not think for a moment that I didn’t connect this Golf Resort with the fact I am driving a GOLF! Haha!Blue_Golf

It additon, staying at the Skyland Lakes Golf Club saved me money (thanks Betty and Jack), in fact so much so I stayed for 3 nights, and had the best time getting to know the guests sleeping next to me in the cottages next door.

Today, I decided to get a workout. I spotted a small gym just as I came into Fancy Gap. It was literally at the bottom of the hill, about 1 mile from the resort. I arrived around 9AM when what with my eye, did I spy, but SEVERAL OLD pieces of Nautilus equipment!

I have been looking for this old style nautilus for well over a decade. The old Nautilus is quit simply the best constructed, most efficient strength training equipment in existence. I had a blast using, as well as a great workout. I had completed my workout and was getting ready to leave�when in walks a guy.

He looks like a rock star. In fact, he looked an awful lot like Kurt Cobain, accept for the fact that he still had a head. I am sorry, was that mean? Hehehe. Shame on me.

Anyway, I said hello, and this guy walks up to me and asks if Blue was my R32. Turns out, he has a Corrado and is a VW fanatic. He is also a Vortex�er!!! He is the second Vortex�er I have met in a week because of my travels ( for the uninitiated). Imagine that.

This guy, Thomas was an IT professional and a recent (within the week) transplant from the big city lights of Charlotte, NC. He decided to simply change his life and he moved lock stock and barrel to the middle of nowhere in this tiny town of Fancy Gap where some businesses simply leave their doors unlocked after hours. It is truly an amazing place.

Anyway, this guy Thomas is an entrepreneur with an incredible idea which I will not mention here, simply because I don�t want anyone else capitalizing on his idea. Trust me, this guys idea will be the next Yahoo, or if not, damn close. I am trying to meet the guy and his girlfriend for dinner. We will see how that goes. I don�t have permission to use his whole name yet, but if I get it I will certainly let you know because you will want to keep an eye out for this guy.

Well, that�s about enough for now. Tomorrow I leave for either Tail of the Dragon, or Winston Salem.


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