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Roanoke, VA- Mainstay Suites

Short props go to Mainstay Suites in Roanoke, VA.

I can’t say enough about the staff there. They worked so hard for my business. Let’s face it, I don’t have much money and I sure as heck don’t look like I have much money, and yet they bent over backwards for me.

My new Apple PBG4 was having difficulty with their WiFi network. They shuffled me around between 6 rooms looking for a room that would allow me a connection, and we never found one either. They were so patient with me that rather then head next door to the Comfort Inn, which offered better WiFi quite possibly, I decided to stay for the night. I did all my work in the lobby and no one cared a whit….

I ended up in a smoking room of all places, which I chose for location purposes (it was close to the lobby where my Apple DID connect to the network; it was also across the hall from the fitness room), as well as price. I saved a few dollars.

The suites are full sized apartments, offering full kitchens, living rooms….the works. A person could live there year in and year out if they wanted. In fact, if you ever want to relocate to a city, if you can find a Mainstay Suites, you can stay there until you locate an apartment or a house of your chosing.

The rooms are fully equipped for business too, complete with DSL, multiple phone lines for conferencing or faxing (you pay toll charges, of course, for conference calls and faxes), an office space and more.

Douglas, the assistant manager was just awesome. He even fed me dinner!!! No kidding!!Can you imagine that!!! When was the last time you stayed at a hotel when one of the managers sat down with you and played music on his guitar and fed you pizza. Chamisa, the leading housekeeper (she saw me naked….well, almost…long story), was the sweetest thing. She is the kind of lady you could take home to mother. And everyone else was just as nice.

Just another “moment” that I would have missed is I had not bothered to just let go and be still.

To tell you the truth, a person, if they were enterprising enough, could make some money here. They need a fitness trainer for the guests. The fitness room doesn’t look like it gets much use, and it is because people either do not know it is there, or they don’t know how to take advantage of it. If the room was a tad larger, I could add my equipment to it and have something really special for this place, and the members would love it!

Pipe dreams, but a good dream never the less.



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