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Wingate Inn of Lynchburg, Virginia

Sometimes when I write about one of my stays, I find myself more or less going through the motions. Now I know it is important to chronicle my journey, my experiences and my growth. After all, that is really what this trip has been, and continues to be about. But I would rather be inspired one way or another, when I write about an experience.

There are times when I feel inspired. There are times that I really look forward to writing about one of my stays. Sometimes it is because the stay was so overwhelmingly good that I just cannot wait to tell you guys about it. At other times it is because a stay was so poor that I want to inform my readers as to my experiences so they can avoid my disappointment.
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Milan and The Daily Grind in Lynchburg, Virginia

I have discovered several wonderful places to get tremendous service and great food at a reasonable price. One is an Indian restaraunt called Milan, and another is an internet coffee cafe called The Daily Grind. Both are in Lynchburg, Virginia. :satisfied:
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For Volkswagen Enthusiasts; Fantastic Dealership In Lynchburg, Virginia

I have now been on the road for five weeks. I am about to begin the second phase of my journey. Recent events in the lives of my relatives on my fathers side dictated that I return to Virginia Beach, and since I was in Virginia Beach I thought I might as well just head up the road to see my brother in Charlottesville. While I was there I thought I might as well head back home to Lynchburg to get Terry VW to do some maintenance to my car, just to make sure all was in working order…. and the experience reminded me of just how lucky I am to have purchased my car from Terry Volkswagen.

Moreover, while I have been out on the road, several times I have wanted to get my car looked over and picked at, bbut I had no idea who to take Blue to see. I do not trust just anyone to work on my R32, and I have had a few bad experiences with other VW dealerships, not to mention the customer service horror stories I have read about at Then, I began to realize that other VW enthusiasts might be just as hesitant to get there cars looked at because they are traveling and have no idea who to take their beloved VW to. So, this little review will serve to settle the question of who you can trust to work on your VW, at least in the state of Virginia that is……read on mate.

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Some Beautiful Outer Banks Sunrise Photos

I snapped a few shots of the sunrise in Avon, NC, just before I left to head back to VA. Beach due to some family matters. The photos are only minutes apart, and may take a while to download, but what is so beautiful besides the photos themselves is the subtle differences between them as each passing moment fed into the next. I hope these do not take too long to load.

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Manteo A Charming Town; White Doe Inn, a lovely Bed and Breakfast

Well, as I left Tarboro behind I decided I needed to head East, postponing The Tail of the Dragon a few days, weeks or maybe months.

I headed to Cape Hatteras and Avon, but not before stopping off in Manteo, at the behest of my good buddy Thomas Woody. He said he knew of a Bed and Breakfast in a town called Manteo, near Nags Head. As it turns out, the lil buggers parents own the darned thing. So, I decided to stop over for a few nights……
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Outer Banks, NC; Try the Blue Parrot, Avoid Avon Motel

Most of the entries in my travel journal have been positive. I really tend to think that sometimes, when you encounter something or someone you do not like, it is best to just say nothing at all.

Moreover, I tend to think that Karma has a way of working things out. So, if someone wrongs you, it is sometimes best to let God deal with them.

Sadly, in this particular instance, by saying nothing I may cause more harm then good…so I need to relate a particular experience that took place in Avon; NC…….
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Some Catching Up To Do

Well, I am now in Manteo, NC, but before I go into Manteo and what brought me here, I need to post several miscellaneous photos of Fancy Gap, Winston Salem and Tarboro…….
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An Inn in Old Salem, NC; Henry F. Shaffner House and Mom’s Idea of Elogance.

I do not know where to begin with this entry. So, for the uninitiated, I will begin where most beginnings start, and that is at the beginning.

This travel blog is more than just a diary of my stays at various sundry places throughout the United States. This is also a personal journey that started four years ago when I moved home to be with my mother who had been diagnosed with Cancer.

When she passed away this past January, I was at a loss. I had no idea how to pick up the pieces and move on with my life. Caring for mom, along with my brothers help ( for which I will be ever grateful ) was the saddest, most helpless and yet rewarding experience I have ever been privileged to experience. Still, after she died, I was lost.

I decided I would travel.

Perhaps it would help the reader to understand that both mom and I had been so preoccupied with her illness, as well as being partners in this epic battle for survival that we found ourselves in, that we were totally and completely detached from the emotion of it all. Always the emotional stalwarts, every day both mom and I were all business and all about getting her through each day and into the next as best as we possibly could. There literally was no time for tears. So, shortly after the battle was lost and mom died, I reasoned that by leaving home and distancing myself from the emotional sterility I had immersed myself in for four years, I would be able to truly grieve and have a reckoning of sorts with the past four years of my life. Does that make sense?

It will also help the reader to know that Blue, whom you will see referred to often in this web site, is a car, an R32, to be exact. What many of you do not know is that the car, Blue, is in reality named after a real Blue, a pure bred Birmen that mom gave to me nearly three years ago (For more information on Birmans, please visit

Blue, my cat, might as well have been my son. Indeed, he was my son in the truest sense of the word, in terms of relationship at least. He was Gods gift to me, through my mom’s hands and into mine. Sadly, Blue was killed nearly a year ago on a Friday night in July. To go into how that loss affected me would be to diverge too greatly from the purpose of this post. What is important to know is that since Blue’s death from this life, and birth into the next, God has, for some reason (perhaps at moms urgings who knows), chosen to use the color Blue as a way of guiding me, or confirming things for me whenever indecision or confusion grip me. How long this will last is anyone’s guess, but clearly, and for now at least, God is speaking to me with the color Blue very often. OK, enough background. Let’s do this thing.
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Shaffner House ; Second Page – The Interior and Exterior

The rest of Shaffner House’s interior is simply stunning. The woodwork, the art, the dinning rooms…everything is elegantly stated, and yet understated. The owner’s did a splendid job with the place and there is a pictorial history of the refurbishing of this grand house that really shows just how much work went into it. This is located next to the check-in area and must be flipped through.
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Dining at Shaffner House – You Must Read This!

If the dining experience at Shaffner House Inn had simply been good, I might not be commenting on it. However, like the rest of my experience at this Inn, dinner was full of surprises I did not expect….
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