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Lovingston, VA: Small Towns And Spaghetti

Well, the first official day of my travels are underway. On the way to Bedford VA., I realized that I needed this years flu shots. I happened to remember it because when traveling south on Rt. 29 from Charlottesville VA, in the direction of Lynchburg VA. you pass my doctors office…..

For a post-sript to this trip to Lovingston and information on how I damaged my car there, as well as how the owners of the motels were responsible for the damage, go to My Damaged Blue

Well, it occurred to me that before I went out of state I had better get my flu shot. As fate would have it, I pass my doctors office between Charlottesville and Lynchburg everytime I make the trip. My doctors office is in a small area known as Lovingston,Va. Its half the size of Mayberry, and there is not much there, but the people of that area do not require much either. So, people are happy there.

I decided to stop off at this quaint little Inn called The Village Inn. It’s a cute motel, built to give the look and feel of Switzerland. It is nestled in the foothills of Nelson County. All my life I have wanted to stay there. This little Villa has a charm all its own that is undeniable and it beckons you to stay there. It did me, anyway, and has all these years. So, at $39.00 a night, how could I resist?

Well, the room was more than I could have imagined. Granted, we are not talking the Ritz Carlton here, but what we are talking about is warm, cozy and comfortable, not to mention unique.

When you walk into any of the rooms you are immediately greeted with a miniature fresco, hand painted right on the wall. Have a look.wallpaintingLovely, eh?

The rooms are built solidly and clean as a pin. Doors are solid oak, and the bathroom area is large!

The beds are firm, but comfortable and you are within a 1000 feet of one of the best italian restaurants I have ever eaten at. A place called Vito’s. It’s owned by a guy named Sal Mannino, a really nice guy.

The spaghetti sauces are authentic and varied and what I tried was so good I was seriously considering moving to Lovingston. :laugh:

Anyway, back to the room. The air conditioner in the room cooled quickly and I kept thinking that for $39.00 this is one of the best deals you could ever come across.

The owners of the motel live right in the office, which doubles as a house. The office location is a new one, as years ago the office was located much more to the left of center of the property. Now it is located far right and off the motel premises. Still, it’s rather nice knowing that the night manager is literally within legs reach. I couldn’t ask for more, accept for a parking lot that is level with no hazardess holes in it.

In fact, the parking lot at the Village Inn is newly paved and unmarked as I type this. This creates a large problem for apparently lots of folks. There is a precarious uneveness to it that causes a blind drop-off of about 3-4 feet in just one section of the parking lot. It cannot be seen, especially at night. Imagine driving down a dark road with no lights and all of the sudden the car drops out from underneath you 3-4 feet without warning and you can almost get an idea of what I am talking about.

I pulled into the parking lot as I had done several times before, only now it was dark and someone had taken my parking place in front of my room. I pulled my car left a little bit to pull up beside the person in my space, in the space right next to him, and …..wham! I was in free fall for about 2 seconds and wham!, as my poor lil car bottomed out in this gully.

My car was damaged, and I will not know how much damage was done until tomorrow. But I felt the motel had a responsibility to warn its guests about the hole and to mark the pavement so people can see what to avoid during the night as well as the day. Attempts to get this point across to the owners fell on flat ears and unyielding dispositions. I was told to be a better driver, to watch where I was going, that the pavement passed inspection, that this had never happened before, yadda yadda yadda. Insurance may cover it, maybe not.

But look at the photos for yourself. Go to See what you think. Look at the deep scars in the pavement already there. They have had this problem before and many times I would imagine.

My advice? You get what you pay for in life. As a rule, stay away from cheap motels, and for now stay away from the Village Inn until they fix that parking lot.

Anyway, daylight is approaching in a few hours so I am gonna get some shut eye and then I will be off to the claims adjuster and body shop tomorrow. Wish me luck.



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