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Final Stages, Prayers

Monday. Technically the second day of the week. I have always found that it felt like the first day. 🙄

I slept well. I feel refreshed. I feel a tad nervous, and yet excited. After all, it’s not often that one just pulls up stakes and heads out into the unknown, without any real purpose save one: To find ones self and discover God more fully.

But is it any different than, say, heading out to a mountain for the day to just be quiet and listen? Well, it is a bit more of a commitment, to be sure. Rather than a few hours, a true pilgrimage is a journey that can last days, weeks, months…..even years. And since I am trusting on divine provisions for my daily needs met, it is more of a test of ones intestinal fortitude and faith than is a picnic.

A trip to a hillside may be for a day. A pilgrimage may be for life. Selah.

As an aside, I am listening to Hearts of Space this morning as I type this. Choral Music I think it is. This helps to center me on things that are eternal, not so much temporal. I have to travel to Richmond, so it sets the mood for me.

If any of you like music, Hearts of Space offers a weekly program and an online archive hundreds of programs long, which can be listened to on Real Player. You can visit Hearts of Space at and Real Player can be downloaded for free at

Well, I must get some breakfast.


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