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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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My More Tame Comment In Response to Mercer

For those interested, I posted a more tame comment to Ms. Mercers column on Job.

The text of my comment is found by clicking the link below.
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Well, this IS a travel web site. So let’s talk Interstellar Space Travel

Clearly SOMETHING is happening out there which falls into one of two categories: faked bullshit or actual phenomena. The bullshit probably outweighs the genuine article by a ratio of 70%/ 30% (maybe that figure is even more lopsided, I dunno). The question is this: what is the genuine article telling us? And assuming that some of what we see happening (like my pic) is a byproduct of intelligence from some other time or place, then from where does it come?
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Some Idea’s on Libertarianism, The Bible and Stuff

We live in very perilous times. I shake my head in wonderment when I read headlines any more. It’s getting to the point that I need to give myself a break, because the negativity I am exposed to every day is just starting to wear on me.

I often visit conservative web sites. Sites like World Net Daily, American Thinker, Debka File etc. are haunts of mine.

I don’t usually visit liberal web sites, mainly because all you have to do is listen to mainstream media and read Newsweek and the NY Times to get a sense of where liberal America is going. Besides, the left is quoted sufficiently at many of these sites I frequent. I also listen to conservative talk radio. I love Laura Ingraham, Rush, Bill O’Reilly, and Neil Boortz.

I also have my favorite authors and columnists. I will not list them here. There are simply too many. Suffice it to say that many of my favorite columnists can be found at the sites I visit. One such site is World Net Daily. WND has many contributors. Among them Joseph Farrah, David Kupelian, Larry Elder, Melanie Morgan, Pat Buchanan, Hal Linsay, Judge Roy Moore just to mention a few.
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UFO: Unidentified Flying Object Possibly Caught On Camera


As my earlier post indicates, I was out for the day with the express purpose of taking fall foliage photos with my digital camera.

I live in Central VA and happened to be in Crozet VA taking my first photos when I decided to take a few shots from my car seat.

I had pulled off the side of the road, rolled down my window, held the camera out the window at arms lenghth and began to take several shots of a mountain side. I was not looking at the horizon, but rather was looking the “Display” on my Canon PowerShot A80 in order to aim it. The first two photos were taken 7 seconds apart.

Now, at first I had no idea what I had just taken a photo of. I did not suspect anything unusual had occurred. And in truth, I cannot be certain that anything unusual happened at all. But, the A80 is a digital camera that I use sporadically, the temperature outside was app. 60 degrees and I was aiming away from the sun as it was behind me at this point. The time of day was around 134 PM.

When I got home, I began to transfer all my images from my camera to iPhoto. I then created a slide show of the pics and uploaded all of them to my web site. I did not edit any of the images, as that takes me too much time. I just used a program called JAlbum to make some thumbnails and uploaded the entire Album folder to my directory. It was not until I began to look at my own photos that I noticed something strange in the first few pics.

As you can see, something appears to be afoot with the photo in question. Look at the center of the photo. What does that look like to you?

I went back to my original photos and checked them. The originals showed the same thing.

OK reader, what I would like to know is this: is this simply a digital anomaly? Do you have any friends who are photographers who could evaluate this?

For the record, I took a total of 29 photos today. You can view them all at See UFO photo

View the first three thumbnails in succession. Then, look at the third. Is this a photo of a UFO phase shifting?

Now, I have no knowledge of any sightings being reported today. However, I have not heard the news or read the papers.

Are any of you aware of any sightings being reported in the Central Virginia area on Sat 10 21 06 around 130 PM?

Leave a comment, or email me at ayerstcarr @ earthlink dot net

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A Day In The Mountains. Autumn 2006!

Well, this is my first entry since I got rid of New Blue. Jesus, I miss my lil’ cars.

Presently I am schlupping around in a piece of crap Volvo. I ask you, is there any other kind of Volvo? Anyway, today was peak fall day, or close to it, so I had to add to my photo journal.

Maybe I will be able to get a new VW under my butt soon to boot!

Ain’t Gods creation grand! Click For Autumn Pics

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Life Without Blue

It has been so long since I have posted here. Far too long. I had such high hopes for this blog and my future and, while the book of my life is not yet finished, the chapters are clearly not unfolding in a promising way.
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My Love Affair With VW’s and Blue

I have owned a lot of cars in my life. Most of them have been hatchbacks. My first car was a hatchback. A Mazda GLC Sport Hatchback, to be exact. You know, I really wish I had kept that car. Of course, they are non-existant now. As a matter of fact, the GLC Sport Hatch is so rare that I have a tough time even finding photo’s of one online. Come to think about it, a GLC might even been worth some serious dollars today if it was in good condition.
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New Blue To Be In Evan Almighty?

Evan Almighty is a follow-up to Bruce Almighty. The movie is being filmed in Central VA, near my residence, and I decided to make myself and my car available for the film.
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